"My name is Raymond Nguyen ... and I am a storyteller"

I have had a passion for photography for as long as I can remember. Since a child, I was delighted in how a moment can be captured through the lens of a camera, and how time stands still within the frame of a photograph. I approach every project with professionalism and a will to deliver quality and value to my clients. I believe that exceptional photographs can only be taken in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, and so I make every effort to make sessions as enjoyable as possible and to put clients at ease.

When I first used a camera, several years ago, I would never have imagined I could become a wedding photographer.
Bang and I opened our first studio in Elk Grove, near Sacramento, experimenting in different styles and adapting to the needs of the local clientele.
Little by little, we realized what we were looking for in our photos was emotion, which still life or classical studio photography could not offer.
Real people, their expressions, their emotions, this is what we wanted to capture. Choosing wedding photography was a natural consequence, as it offers the unique opportunity to capture human emotions in all their shades

I believe it is in the nature of humankind to be attracted, and sometimes, upset, by what is different from us, as in a way it represents our opposite, our contrasting personality. I never found it easy to show my emotions and my sensitivity, to express my real self and let go completely, displaying my vulnerability. I guess this is why what attracts me most in weddings: the ability to capture the emotions expressed without filters, with no fear of showing what you really are and what you are feeling. A smile, a hearty laugh, tears you’d like to hide, an emotional hug, these intimate moments fascinate and seduce me, and this is what I base my photography on. Static poses created with affected emotions are not my cup of tea; I want true spontaneity.

To this day I still feel that I was lucky enough to have picked up a camera. It amazes me when I think back to how it all started and where I’ve come since picking up my first camera in 2007. It all started with a church project. A friend had asked me to help shoot a summer event, at the time I knew nothing about photography but because I was artistically inclined, he promised to show me. Little did I know, what was a favor to a friend have lead me to new possibilities and discovering a new love of my life. With my new found passion, I pinched and saved to buy my first camera. Then came lots of books and experimenting. My life had new meaning, direction and purpose. There would be no dabbling or trying - I was determined to be a photographer.


For the first few years, I found myself photographing anything that came my way to both pay for bills and building my experience. It started with my modeling friends, community events and weddings. Then my first commercial job shooting for a local restaurant, and next, actors in need of headshots. I was milking my camera for everything it was worth.


Fast forward to a decade later. I find myself waking up appreciating everything from the people I meet, the places I go, and the things I get to do. I appreciate the raw reality of everyday life, the passing beauty of the moments in-between, and I do my very best to capture every image with that in mind. Behind every moment is a story waiting to be unfold and I strive to tell its story through the lens of my camera.